Monday, June 14, 2010

Inspirational Affirmations-Possibilities

Inspirational Affirmations give you confidence and inspire you to affirm the positive. The Inspirational Affirmation "Each moment is filled with possibilities" is my affirm-mantra for this week.It is quite some time since I designed a affirm -mantra card.It was a nice ritual to do every week and having an Inspirational Affirmation to focus was encouraging.I hope to restart creating them .

Life takes you through different situations and you change your priorities.Last month was a difficult month with my father passing away on the18th .He was our pillar of strength,moral support and an encouraging guide at tough times.He used to journal his thoughts and feelings and now reading them we feel that he is still with us.He was a person filled with positivity and would always look for the good even in the worst situations.He believed there is a solution for all problems and if you seek you'll find.

Seek & You'll Find-Motivational Magnet magnet
Seek & You'll Find-Motivational Magnet by semas87
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 He also used to remind us of this inspiring affirmation "Each moment is filled with possibilities" as even a chance meeting will change your life.

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  1. Those are so beautiful. It sounds like your father was an amazing man, an example for us as well. Thank you for sharing him with us :)


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