Saturday, May 8, 2010

Famous 3 Word Quotes

3 word inspirational quotes by famous people to inspire and  motivate us!
Knowledge is power.
~ Hobbs, Leviathan  ~

Friends are treasures.
~ Horace Burns ~

Circumstances alter faces.
~ Carolyn Wells ~

Genius is patience.
~ George Louis Leclere ~

Share the wealth!
~ Huey P. Long ~

Time is money.
~ Edward George Bulwer-Lytton ~

Remember to Live.
~ Goethe ~

~ From: 3 word quotes ~


  1. You forgot the most important three word quote:

    Sema is talented!


  2. Thank You, Holly, for the kind words.Your words always boost my self esteem.

  3. Sema, I have been gone for a while and now back to find all this wonderful inspiration here. What a nice idea...And sometimes aren't the shortest and simplest things the best?! xo

  4. Yes..yes she is! Talented that are ya hon? Haven't heard from ya for a bit..was wondering so I popped on by to say hello.
    I love these...wonderful little reminders to stop and think a bit! I love
    Circumstances alter faces.
    ~ Carolyn Wells ~
    Hope all is well hon, Sarah


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