Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday citar-whisper your wishes to the butterfly

(artwork done by me in photoshop)

"To make a wish come true,
whisper it to a Butterfly.
Upon these wings it will be taken to
heaven and granted, for they are the
messengers of the Great Spirit."

-Native American Legend

I am happy to share this quote for this week's sunday citar.I found this quote while surfing for butterflies quotations for my squidoo lens on butterflies.I have created this lens with 10 butterflies quotes and 112 butterflies gifts.I think this quote holds truth, as one of my wednesday wishes was to promote my zazzle store REFLECTIONS .I created the squidoo lens to help me in this.In the lens I had featured other fellow zazzlers products too.One of them Hilly,a successful zazzler gave me a pleasant shock today by featuring my store as the shop of the month in her website tshirt-total .Please do visit the website as it gives you a great shopping experience in a selection of the best of zazzle shops.

Wishing all a sucessful week ahead!


  1. Oh, it is such a very, very pretty quote! I just love it!

  2. Lovely!!! And mine's up, too. Happy Sunday Citar!

  3. Sema, that butterfly picture took my breath away. The quote is so very true. :)

  4. A really pretty quote today1 What an amazing picture of a butterfly! Thanks!

  5. I never heard that saying before, but it is beautiful. And, of course, demonstrates how all faiths are interrelated. The Native Americans saw the butterfly as the messenger of the Great Spirit and for Christians the butterfly is an important symbol related to Easter. A wonderful lesson for us all. Blessings to you for an excellent week ahead!

    Hopeful Spirit
    On the Horizon

  6. The quote is new to me too but it's very beautiful.


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