Monday, October 26, 2009

Affirm -mantra for this week-"I will do the next right thing"

(Artwork done in photoshop.The background design is a stationary design created for REFLECTIONS)

"I will do the next right thing"

This is my Affirm -mantra for this week.The mantra is inspired from this quote by Anne Lamott.

"I took a long,deep breath and wondered as usual where to start.You start where you are,is the secret of life.You do the next right thing you can see,then the next."

I hope this affirm mantra motivates us to stay at this moment and do what we can .What has to be done will be easily done in this way!

Wishing all abundance


  1. SEMA!!!!

    I love this! Adore it! This is my mantra for today! LOVE IT!

  2. Beautiful hon..I love it!! Exactly can only do the next right thing even if the last was horrid ..then next can be right!! Wonderful, thought provoking post hon!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  3. Wonderful, I love this. And I love Anne Lamott's writing and what she says is so true. You've created such a lovely reminder for us today. Breathe, take a step and you will know....

  4. Thank you Holly,Sarah,Marisa and Jan.


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