Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank You!

I just felt that I had to express my thanks to my blog friends today.Blogging has helped add a new dimension to my creativity.It has also helped me meet wonderful,encouraging and supportive people.I just recalled one of my wednesday wishes post where I had wished to step out to success .I had written various steps and I was touched by the many comments.
I feel the wishes of all has helped me step out.

I have started REFLECTIONS my zazzle store where I design for various products.

I have started expressive-impressive to share my digital artworks.

Today I stepped out to approch a gallery in my city to sell my Prints.

Everything gives me positive vibrations.

Diantha of LIVING YOUR POTENTIAL has encouraged me by motivating me to design her business card,thank you card and mugs with living your potential message.Diantha mailed me her specifications and I created the products accordingly.It was a pleasure to create the cards and mugs.Thank You Diantha for your purchases at my zazzle store-REFLECTIONS.
The positive message you spread 'Living Your Potential' is so vital to all.I am so happy that Affirmart has helped me meet you .It gives a satisfaction when you design to someone's specification and they appreciate it.
The images in this post are the designs I did for Diantha.I would love to create designs according to their specifications for anyone who wants an exclusive image.
Living Your Potential mug

Thank you to all for your encouraging comments that motivate me to be creative.


  1. I LOVE it all!!!!

  2. Although these are not colors I think of for myself, I adore these colors together; so fresh and vital and full of hope and growth.

    It's made me stop and think; if I were to ask for a calling card to be designed for me, now I'm wondering what I would want on it and what I would want it to look like...hmmm....

    So Dear Sema! It's exciting to see these things beginning to come together for you. And, I'm delighted to be part of your cheering squad!

  3. Sema,
    I am completely and utterly thrilled for you! I feel like a proud "grandmother" as I know that Diantha connected with you through my site. I am wowed! The beauty of your work is just so inspiring and it matches Diantha's energy perfectly. Congratulations on this work and your new "partnership." Love all around...

  4. Sema, I am anxiously awaiting my new products! Coincidentally, I myself just received my biggest online order yet....which proves that the flow keeps going round and round. I can't thank you enough for sharing your talents with me, and making my life "full of potential". Many blessings! xo diantha

  5. Great news.

    Stopped by to give you an award!

    Take care


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