Monday, August 24, 2009

Affirm -Mantra for this week-M.E.A.L. for health

Being out of town for more than 10 days has made me become lethargic in getting back to my exercise and fitness habits.So,I hope to get back to feeling more energetic following my M.E.A.L.plan this week.

My Affirm-mantra for this week is - M.E.A.L. for health.

MOVE– your limbs. Exercise is the best form of mood elevator. Exercise balances your physical and mental health.

EAT–healthy food to give you energy.You can take greater control of your health through the food choices you make.

ANALYSE– the nutrients of food and plan your menus to include all groups of food.

LIMIT– your portions to keep fit.Portion control helps in weight loss and to maintain weight.

Health is Wealth and it is health which helps us enjoy life better.

So,wishing all a healthy week ahead!


  1. What gentle and good reminder. I don't mind doing the right thing when it is said to me so lovingly!

  2. Sema...I got my cards today...they are beautiful! A nice use of my logo! Thank you again! xo diantha

  3. I love this, Sema. So clever and so. A great reminder of how we can--very practically--reapproach our health. I've found limiting portions to be especially helpful. When I eat out ( which is not too often) I actually figure out 1/2 of the portion and move it aside to take home for another meal....


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