Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank with flowers

I came across an interesting blog ABC Wednesday where we have to share a photograph, piece of art or poetry with the word for that week. I am doing a similar series with the alphabet Power Words and am going to finish it this week with the letters Y and Z.So,this project in the same lines is interesting.I am joining in late but hope to continue in the coming weeks.

F for Flowers

Flowers is what comes to my mind immediately for the letter F.

Flowers express love
Flowers express happiness,
Flowers express joy,
Flowers express hope,
Flowers express faith,
Flowers express gratitude.

Flowers with their wonderful colors makes people use them as gestures and symbols for communicating with their loved ones.
Whenever there is a special event, to express sympathy, to show how much love you have for someone, or simply by just telling that you are there; Flowers represent all these acts and emotions well .
Flowers say it best when it comes to thanking your loved ones for their thoughtfulness .
Floral thank you cards help to convey your message.
I had designed these cards for my zazzle store REFLECTIONS and I am happy to share them with you all.


  1. beautiful creations, sema. flowers do say it all!
    blessings to you...

  2. Flowers are the voice of the poet!

  3. Sema:
    I am thinking that a nice gift for my friend who named that lily after me might be some of those thank you cards. I'm wondering if you'd email me off blog and we can talk about that possibility! These are beautiful. Flowers do all of that. So do you!

  4. welcome to ABC Wednesdays. I've been doing it only since K a couple rounds ago, so I've done the alphabet only once through.


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