Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Citar-everyday begin the task anew

This is my quote for sunday citar this week.I have done the poster in photoshop.

wishing all a wonderful week ahead.
Blessings for abundance


  1. I just love that allows us to start over the next day in case we can't quite do it today (I tend to start over a lot).

  2. This was great, I definitely need to give myself a bit more patience at times. Thanks for the reminder! And lovely poster!

  3. Here is my new favorite place to rest. Thank you.

  4. Every day is a fresh new start! Have a happy Sunday!

  5. I definitely need patience. Beautiful quote.

  6. It feels wonderful to think that every day can be a new beginning. Love the poster too!

  7. I must constantly remind myself to be patient with ME. If I'm not patient with me, how can I truly be patient with everyone else? Working on there's a lifetime's worth of work. :)



  8. Very nice! I'm late commenting and linking because I had some computer troubles. But I do love Sunday Citar!!! Have a great week! ♥


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