Monday, July 13, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week-SIMPLY LISTEN

Jan of 'awake is good ' has helped me create this affirm-mantra for this week.Jan has a wonderful blog and her posts are inspiring.This mantra will be a gentle reminder to the benefits of simply listening.

When we simply listen we become aware of our negative thoughts and we can replace them with positive ones.
When we simply listen we become aware of our blessings and we can express our gratitude for them.
When we simply listen we become aware of our time wasters and we can take concrete steps to erase it.
When we simply listen we become aware of our goals and we can plan to acheive them.
When we simply listen we become aware of our present moment and we can appreciate the beauty around us.

We sculpt our life with our thoughts and I would like this mantra to become part of my daily rituals that enrich me.


  1. Ah! More art on the Art of Listening! I love this and thank you for the suggestion, I'm going to check out this blog today! Hugs for a grand week full of inspiration and ideas.

  2. I like this mantra. It was what I was thinking about and trying to do yesterday. I think I will make it my mantra for the week, if not for the month. I need to remember to listen more. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Sema,
    What a lovely surprise to find this here! Thank you for featuring the notion of Simply Listening and its power to center and transform us. I am just tickled, as my grandmother would say. The more we can be reminded to stop, look deeply, and listen, the better! I adore the image too ... yellow perfection. Hugs!

  4. Sema, love this post! Jan's too! Several years ago I was at a retreat and for the whole weekend it was mostly silent. We took meditation walks, all the work we did was done in meditative mode (like sweeping the steps) and it was so cool. Making the food, making the beds, cleaning the baths, it was all done in meditative mode. I try to bring that back into my daily life but I am not always successful! Still, it is a good thing to remember, and a good thing to try to do for me to make my life a living prayer, which is my goal. Beautiful image, Sema. Thank you. xo

  5. Great mantra and beautiful photo!


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