Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Power words-K for KINDNESS and L for LISTEN

Words have power.

express emotions,
give confidence,
bring joy.


Kindness calls forth actions of sharing,caring and thoughtfulness.
Kindness help you to understand others and clears feelings of hurt and mistrust.
Kindness blesses both,the receiver and the giver.
Kindness in thought and deeds makes your life a happy life.
Kindness gives a wonderful feeling of love and glow to you.


Listen to yourself and to others to live a meaningful life.

Listening to yourself....
Listen to your body to recognize what it needs to feel fit and energetic.
Listen to your mind to keep in check of your thoughts and attitude.
Listen to your soul to feel inner peace and abundance.

Listening to others....
Listening is the foundation to good communication.
Listening helps you focus your attention on the other person.
Listening shows you care and appreciate others.

The more you listen ,the more people will respect and value your reply.


  1. Sema, both of those paintings are amazing! these posts are so wonderfully uplifting my friend. :)

  2. Boy, that last line is the absolute best! What a good reminder! Congrats on the 8.2 that's wonderful. Mine hasn't moved from its original score...you're effecting more and more folks.

  3. Like Tabitha, I agree the paintings are amazing. Would you consider making prints of these? I wonder sometimes if these two words, in fact, but not be the answer to all that ails us. If we listen to others and hold them in lovingkindess, all is well. Healing occurs. If we do so for ourselves, listen to and honor our inner wisdom, embrace ourselves lovingly, all is well. Lovely, lovely post...

    Come visit today. We are lolling around in JOY!

  4. Sema -
    once again, this is stunning.

    Just wanted to swing by to let you know about an award I left for you on my blog yesterday.

    hope all is well.

  5. Thank you,Tabitha and Holly for giving me such wonderful encouragement.
    Jan,thanks for your appreciation and for the idea of making prints of the paintings.
    Lauren,thanks for the award,I feel honored!


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