Monday, June 1, 2009

Affirm-mantra-"I'll figure out the solution"

My mantra for this week is -

"I'll figure out the solution "

I came across this wonderful thought to ponder in the blog 'whitehottruth' and made the mantra card to remind myself that there is a solution for all problems.

We have to reframe how we see the problem as a difficulty or an opportunity for growth.
We have to find the key to our problems which have locked us in tough situations.
We have to change our perspective to see the problem from different angles.
We have to persevere and not give up hope.
We have to think out of the box.

Replace 'I don't know' with 'I'll figure it out '.
Everything is in our mind!

Wishing all a great week,
blessings for abundance,


  1. Sema, this is EXACTLY what I needed this morning. I've been kind of stuck in a rut lately - at a professional crossroads of my life. I started with the mindset of "I'll figure it out" -- but lately I've been kind of down because I'm not getting anywhere. You reminded me that I really need to keep that determined attitude. I know the answers are right there -- I just need to persist.

    Thank you also for swinging by my blog and leaving such a kind and uplifting comment. It really does fuel my spirit to know that my words are making a difference with others. Thank you for that gift.

  2. Sema!

    This is a fabulous post to start a new work week! Absolutely wonderful. I love coming here, you know that, I always get a quiet sense of joy and peace. Like finding a deep bit of shady comfort on a blazing hot day. Your work does that for me.

  3. Lauren ,I'm happy to have helped you reframe your mind..
    Thank you, Dreamwriter.
    Holly,thank you for making me feel loved.

  4. Sometimes I literally imagine myself climbing up higher on the bleachers of my life. From that lofty (and more spiritual) vantage point, I can make sense of things. Things are clearer, lighter, brighter, and often I can see where and how their energies extend out into the future -- meaning where my choices may lead. Persistence from a vantage point is key.... Great post!


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