Sunday, June 7, 2009

Choose your path

Today I came across a beautiful blog freshmommy in which tabitha hosts sunday citar where bloggers share inspiring quotes. I thought of sharing this quote by Thoreau to remind ourselves to be aware of our thoughts. I created this poster [ in photoshop] to remember that every step we take is important.


  1. Sema:
    I am on the path to becoming healtier by shedding pounds that are too many for my tiny body. It will be quite a long walk. When I grow tired of the effort, I will remember what you made here and remember that what I am really doing is making a new, better mental path and keep my steps kind thoughts about myself...over and over...I hope the week ahead is wonderful for you. As your art is for us.

  2. I like this. Nice job on the poster also

  3. Oh hon this is beautiful - not just the quote but the poster! So very true!! I love Thoreau!
    Hope you are having a great Sunday, Sarah

  4. BTW someone told me that if you move you followers gadget down the page a bit - it stops that "kick you out of the blog" error that keeps popping up everywhere. Hugs, Sarah

  5. Sema, you chose the perfect quote filled with truth and knowledge. :)

  6. Sema, great choice in quote!! So glad you joined in!!


  7. Great choice.
    Woot to Sunday Citar

  8. Great quote - soemthing to think about.

  9. That is an awesome quote, I love Thoreau - can we "borrow" your art and put it on our blogs?

  10. Hmmm, that quote raises an interesting point...


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