Sunday, May 24, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week

I give credit to Stephen Covey for my mantra for this week -

"I begin with the end in mind "

How many times we have started, to do some work enthusiastically ,then to see our interest wane as time flies.If at these times we remember our end goal we would work more earnestly.For this , on the onset,we have to ask ourselves what is the desired outcome we want and plan all the relavant tasks so that we do not lose interest or get sidetracked.

I Wish all a productive week !

Blessings for abundance,


  1. You bring an interesting awareness to our work process, Sema. Often, on the spiritual path, we are inclined to "let it be," go with the flow, and not worry about outcomes. I think a pairing of both of these perspectives is idea. Without a goal, I would never have finished my last book. Without a new goal, creating a spiritual mentoring website, my newest goal for myself will likely not be realized. For busyness, distraction, something will always draw me away. A child, the garden, someone's needs, a health issue. How lovely if we can both "do" and "be" in harmonious proportions...

  2. Sema:
    You'll never know how many times I have used this exact quote when I have worked with clients, my students, my's the absolute best way to help a person begin the power of manifesting...thank you so much for this today!

  3. Sema, this is a wonderful mantra to be reminded of. As Jan commented, without a goal, we may not be able to create the map that comes springing out of inspiration! So remember that goal, and still allow plenty of fresh air and sunshine to enter as you follow the map! Thanks for a great reminder!
    xo diantha

  4. Jan,it would be truly wonderful when we are doing with full awareness-'do and be'!
    Holly,thanks for the reassurance that my mantra will work.
    Diantha,you are right,goals are our guiding forces to success.


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