Monday, November 29, 2010

Affirmation Cards -'A' Power word - Affirmart card - 076

Alphabet Power Words

I have designed cards and written earlier about the power words that motivate and inspire us.I plan to create affirmations with the Alphabet power words in the following weeks.I thought It will be effective to have an affirmation to reinforce the power words.Also,I plan to design the power words as fridge magnet designs that can act as effective daily reminders.

Power Word For Motivation - ACTION magnet
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Affirmation for today with 
the power word for letter A - ACTION

"My daily actions reflect my commitment to succeed."

Self Affirmation Statements are affirmations that shape your thoughts and by it your actions too! Repeating them with belief will improve your attitude and energize your thoughts.

Power words motivate and inspire us.

You can read how action can help you here >>>  ACTION

Blessings for abundance,
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  1. Oh Sema.. Your affirmations..and cards are not only beautiful, they're just what I needed to hear! What powerful and loving nudgings to turn our awareness right side up again. Thank you! You have inspired me greatly... especially the A-word -- I will use this affirmation to steer me as I work through clearing and organizing at home (and at work). Blessings to you always..

  2. Thank you Cheryl for the appreciation.It is true we all need some positive nudging to move us in the right direction .

    Blessings for abundance.


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