Monday, August 23, 2010

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards - Affirmart card - 006

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards are affirmart cards with affirmation and art to motivate and inspire you everyday.

Today's Positive Affirmation is ' I speak with confidence and calm assurance'.

When you speak with confidence and calm assurance you will evoke belief not only in others but also  in yourself .

Blessings for abundance,


List Of Positive Affirmations

001 - I am successful in whatever I do
002 - I plan my work and work my plan
003 - I focus on what is truly essential
004 - I will make the most of new opportunities
005 - The universe provides for my every want and need
006 - I speak with confidence and calm assurance

I would be happy to hear your favorite affirmation and also create an affirmation card with it.


  1. Sema, I love this particular one because from the time I was a young child, my voice would shake with lack of confidence if I had to answer a question in school or read aloud. Today, I am happy to say, that there is much less shaking. It has diminished as my confidence grew, my trust in myself. Thank you for this lovely reminder today. xo

  2. I like this one because, for whatever reason, I have always been a voice that others believe or listened to...and because I realized this, I began to be very careful of what I said and to always be truthful.

    When God gives you such a gift, you must cherish and respect it, no?

  3. Jan, I am still shaky to talk in front of a group and this affirmation is a reminder to me to overcome my shyness.Your comment gives me the confidence that it can be done.

    Holly, I love to read and be inspired by your voice in your blog.

    Thank you to 2 of my favorite blog friends for the appreciation.


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