Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zazzle Artist Award

Thank You Zazzle for the Zazzle Artist Award for Charcoal Border Designer Thank You Cards.

Charcoal Border : : Designer Thank You Cards card
Charcoal Border : : Designer Thank You Cards by semas87
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This email from Zazzle made my day :)

You've won a Zazzle Artist Award!
Congratulations, semas87!
Your product, Charcoal Border Designer Thank You Cards, has been hand-picked as an example of creativity at its finest. Out of the billions of designs on Zazzle, yours was chosen for being one of the best.
As a reward, your product will appear at the top of the page listed below in the "Featured Designs" section for approximately 2 weeks. This means you, your product, and your store will be center stage!
See it featured on Funeral Thank You Cards
You're part of a talented group on Zazzle so share your story, joy, and talent with others - spread the news of your success!{ The reason for this post :) }
Zazzle Artist Awards are given based on a variety of factors and the choices are never easy. Thank you for being a part of Zazzle and for your wonderful artwork!

– The Zazzle Team

1 comment:

  1. Congrats, Sema. This is stunning work. Soak up the kudos. May they inspire you onward!


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