Sunday, June 27, 2010

Be The Change-Change Quotes

Change Quotes  to inspire you to be the change.
These quotes are from my lens - Quotes On Change which is a collection on change quotes to motivate you to take the step that changes you for the better.


 Thinking is a habit, and like any other habit, it can be changed;
it just takes effort and repetition.

~ John Eliot ~

None of us can change our yesterdays, but all of us can change our tomorrows.

~ Colin Powell ~
The perfect time will never come; never wait for perfection just make it.

~ unknown ~

Quotes on change guide us with wise words to create a new life.You can improve your life at any given moment by changing your thoughts and actions.

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  1. Be the change you wish to see has always been one of my favorites. I love it : ) Very nice. Your new blog layout is so nice! Very pretty!


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