Saturday, February 13, 2010

Six word quote-positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative!

This Six word quote-positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative reminds you to be careful of your attitude and thoughts.

Our thoughts are very important in determining how we react to our day and the events that happen.

A positive attitude created by our thoughts will make us feel happy and enjoy the day.We will accept whatever happens and learn from the experience.A negative attitude on the other hand will make you anxious and fill you with doubts and bitterness.

When we are pleasant to someone the feeling is reciprocated.This holds true for the negative action too!

When we are positive our actions are geared to making it come true and the effect snowballs to make it a pleasant day while starting the day on a bad note makes it go from bad to worse.

Thanks to thehappyself for inspiring this post.

So,take charge of your thoughts and attitude as positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative!

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  1. This one is wonderful - and so true!

  2. I like that, good six words! :)
    Happy 6WS,

  3. "Also, What goes around, comes around" and "What you give, you will get"

    Thanks for the inspiring six words.

  4. ~wise words indeed to live by...if only all would practice...yet there are those who thrive on rob others joy...may you always be a positive one...brightest blessings~

  5. So very true!!! Thank you for the reminder :o)

    Happy 6WS!

  6. I believe it to be true - I know my attitude makes a big difference. Thanks for playing 6WS!

  7. Positive thoughts and words can change
    anyone's life for the better. I know, however
    sometimes it can be a challenge, though
    well worth it. Thank you for the reminder.


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