Sunday, February 21, 2010

positive attitude quotes

I have designed 2 positive attitude quotes posters for this week's sunday citar.
Positive attitude words - Picture of health print
Positive attitude words - Picture of health

"Being in a good frame of mind 
helps keep one in the picture of health" 
is a great quote to help you develop a positive attitude . 

Positive attitude words - Excellence print
Positive attitude words - Excellence

"Excellence is not a skill.  
It is an attitude." 
is another great quote to remind you of
the power of positive mental attitude .

We can achieve success through a positive mental attitude and having reminders with positive attitude quotes as posters should help us develop it!



  1. I like them both! I think it makes life better when we can be positive! I fail often at staying positive. Thanks for this great reminder.

  2. I love both quotes Sema!!


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