Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Letterhead Design-Today's Best Design At Zazzle

Happy to share that Modern Dots and Grey Blue line Letterhead was chosen as one of Today's Best Designs At Zazzle!

Modern Dots and Grey Blue line Letterhead letterhead
Modern Dots and Grey Blue line Letterhead by semas87
Create your own professional letterhead on zazzle.com

It is always a pleasant surprise to get a TBA at Zazzle.You feel wonderful when your creativity is appreciated.
I am just starting to design exclusive letterheads at my zazzle store,Reflections.
Having a customized letterhead gives a personal look to your mails.Letterheads convey your personality.It is the tool to keep us connected.

Here is a book to help even the most reluctant writers among us discover how easy it is (and how wonderful it feels) to put the best of ourselves in lasting messages that get through to others with clarity and impact.

From Me to You: The Reluctant Writer's Guide to Powerful, Personal Messages is a book for anyone who wants to put love, advice, comfort and inspiration into written words. In FROM ME TO YOU, JacLynn Morris and Dr. Paul L. Fair outline the surprisingly simple steps you can take to create powerful, touching messages for the special people in your life.

Readers will find: 5 easy-to-follow steps to make messages that others will cherish; 2 techniques that make writing from the heart remarkably easy; and nearly 100 examples of powerful, personal letters written by men and women who applied the authors' message-making suggestions during joyful times (milestone events, renewed romance) -- in times of stress (illness, divorce, financial transitions) -- and even when they were feeling ambivalent about life's events (living with stepchildren, empty nesting, impending retirement).

Happy Writing!Hope you liked my letterhead design!

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