Thursday, January 28, 2010

Irish Blessing-Butterflies gifts

The Irish Blessing is a beautiful verse that fills you with joy and happiness.I did this poster a few days back and the blessing has come true for me.
AN IRISH BLESSING-Butterflies Poster print
AN IRISH BLESSING-Butterflies Poster by semas87
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Butterflies have brought me happiness .
3 pink butterflies mugpink butterfly bag

I have had a sale of my 3 pink butterflies mug today.Last week it was the sale of the pink butterfly mousepad and pink butterfly bag at my zazzle store,REFLECTIONS.

Butterflies have blessed me in my butterflies gifts lens too with 3 referral sales.

In my butterflies gifts lensI have given 150 choices of cards,postcards,postage,mugs,magnets,t.shirts,mousepads,
aprons,keychains,photosculpure,stickers,binders and jewelry with beautiful butterflies on them.

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  1. I like butterflies too -- they are a symbol of beauty:-)


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