Monday, December 14, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week-My thoughts

My thoughts are positive,uplifting and encouraging

is my Affirm-mantra for this week.

Our thoughts are the sculptors of our reality and when our thoughts are positive,uplifting and encouraging we create abundance in our lives.

We often spend time dwelling on our troubles that we forget to see the positive.Instead when we focus our mind on the positive we will see uplifting and encouraging messages.

What you focus on expands .
So ,focus on your thoughts to be positive,uplifting and encouraging.

Here are some more affirmations on mousepads from REFLECTIONS

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  1. Hi Sema,

    My family and I are having a raffle to raise funds toward postage for our gift bag mission. We hope you will drop by and take a chance to win two awesome gifts!

    Postage Raffle Drive

  2. What a great affirmation - and a powerful one!
    Thanks for stopping by and beng so supportive.
    Take care.
    More about the alphabet later.

  3. Sema,
    I absolutely that what we think about expands. How important it is to cultivate thoughts that guide and inspire us onward, upward, toward our greatest potential. I love that you encourage us in the this way, always! xo


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