Monday, November 23, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week- “Inch by inch anything is a cinch”.

My affirm –mantra this week is

“Inch by inch anything is a cinch”.

Any work or project looks big and scary when you see it as a whole but when broken into steps and done one by one it gets done easily.

Yesterday I got an invitation from the giant squid team to join their challenge of doing 50 lens by december31st.I was hesitant as I had only done 10 lens till now and 40 more to do looked daunting. Then giving it a thought over how can I do it I realized I can divide the number by the different topics I can do lens on. This can be further divided by different subjects.

The different topics I plan to do lens are on

1. Arts

2. Health

3. Self-improvement

4. Family

5. Product reviews

So if I do 8 lenses in each category I will achieve my target of 40 lenses.

Now my task is to make a list of 8 interesting news in each topic to research and elaborate on.

Please help me choose interesting subjects to make a lens on by giving your valuable suggestions. I would be happy and thankful to receive any suggestions for helping me on this process.

I hope my affirm-mantra for this week helps me to be motivated to achieve my targets and do the same for you too!

So, let’s repeat ‘Inch by inch anything is a cinch’.

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