Monday, November 16, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week-endless supply of creativity,energy and tolerance.

"I possess an endless supply of creativity,
energy,tolerance for any work or project that I assume"

This is my affirm-mantra for this week.

My blogs,zazzle store, squidoo lens all vie for my attention and I will be very happy to possess an endless supply of creativity,energy and tolerance to do justice to them.

My mind is filled with so many ideas to experiment and this affirm-mantra should help me concentrate on the work on hand.

I hope this affirm-mantra for this week will help you all too!


  1. I so wish that was true, but these days it's not...I'll keep hoping though!

  2. I love this mantra and feel energized just by reading it!

  3. Ooh -- I need an endless supply of all of these!

  4. But feelings do follow all behavior.


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