Monday, November 30, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week-Breathe easy

My affirm-mantra for this week is

'I breathe fully and freely'.

I have chosen this from the printable affirmation cards I designed for my squidoo lens-Printable affirmation cards.

I designed 3 sets of 8 affirmations on self esteem,wealth and health.I have given links in the lens to download and print the affirmations at home.

My 3 word quotes affirmation cards which I did for my 100th post was the inspiration for the lens.

This affirmation is to remind me to do my Pranayama regularly.Pranayama(or breathing exercises ) is a great yoga practice which helps us to renew ourselves.It benefits our mind,body and soul.

I plan to use these words

”Breathing in I am calm” “Breathing out I smile”

by Thict Nhat Hanh,an immeasurably gifted mindfulness teacher as my guidance during Pranayama.


  1. Sema,
    Wonderful mantra. I feel this is my mantra, through and through. The breath (oh, sacred breath!) sustains me, restores me when I flounder, and soothes my anxious mind. Beautiful reminder!

  2. I LOVE his writings, too, Sema!

  3. Nice posting. Do you know about these pranayama books?

  4. Ah the Breath! The Breath of Life! I need gentle reminders now and then to breathe! As always, great work, Sema! xo

  5. This is a perfect mantra Sema :)

    Wishing you sweet blessings!


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