Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Citar- Enjoy litle things

I am happy to share this quotation for sunday citar.
The image was designed and created in photoshop by me as part of the calender design I am working on for my zazzle store REFLECTIONS.


  1. I love this quote! Isn't it so true!

  2. That is such a wonderful quote. Thank you! ♥

  3. totally true!! I love orchids!

  4. Have I reminded you recently how incredibly talented you are and how much joy you bring to me when I visit with you?

  5. I echo Holly's comment! You are awesome Sema!

  6. That is a great quote! A great reminder about what is really important in life!

  7. Very true. We have to remember those little things for sure :)

  8. Thank you! This was so good, it really is a great reminder to slow down and really enjoy each moment!



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