Monday, October 12, 2009

Affirm-Mantra for this week-Be committed!

I am committed in my efforts.

This is my affirm mantra for this week.

Commitment is the primary key to achieve your goals.The difference between success and failure is often the difference between a half hearted effort and total commitment.When you only do a bit,only dabble or just take a shot at something the result is not great.It is impossible to succeed if your commitment is half hearted.To succeed it is all or nothing,so give your best.

Be committed to succeed !

Wishing all success in whatever you do,


  1. That is outstanding Sema!

  2. What a great thing... to be committed. Woot Woot to you!

  3. Sema Dear!

    This is lovely and I have to say, it is so very different from what I've come to think of as Sema's 'look' but I really love it. It's fun and has movement and seems exciting and, and, and, it really made me smile!

  4. Thank you Tabitha,Crystal and Holly for the appreciation.



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