Monday, September 21, 2009

Affirmations from blogs-2

This is my 2nd post in the series I plan to do weekly.

I wish to create a collection of affirmart cards using affirmations that stand out from great blogs, to remember the message long after reading the posts.
Here are 2 quotations from Diantha's Blog that inspired me to create this week's affirmart cards.

1. “I have absolute faith that the spirit of God within me gives me the power to forgive those who have brought me suffering past and present.”

The message

'I have the power of forgiveness'
to remind us that only when we forgive we can move on and we grow as a person when we forgive people who have hurt us .

2.It’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it”.

The message

'I have the power of shaping'
to remind us that we have control over what happens in our life.We shape it with our values,thoughts and actions.

Diantha is a wonderful blog friend who has an inspiring blog 'lifepotentials' filled with messages to live our potential.


Affirmations from blogs

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  1. Love how you created these affirmation cards, Sema! You are so talented! And it's great to share this wisdom with so many people! Well done!


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