Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Affirmations from blogs-1

I thought I will start a collection of affirmart cards on affirmations that stand out from great blogs to remember the message long after reading the posts.
Positively Present is one such blog which is so refreshing to read.Dani writes in a beautiful style to inspire you to Live.Happily.Now.
Today's post on happiness at PositivelyPresent inspired me to create 2 affirmart cards.

I loved Dani's explantion of positively present-

Positive thinking

Openness to new ideas

Simple strategies for life

Inspirational ideas

Thought-provoking insights

Innovative solutions

Validation of happiness

Emptying life of negativity

Living life to the fullest

Yearning to learn more

Persistent search for truth

Reflections on life’s purpose

Evolution of the spirit

Satiating a hunger for joy

Embracing enlightenment

Never giving up on hope

Trusting that life is unfolding perfectly.


  1. I love reading Dani's blog as well (:

  2. I like it too. I feel many of us here are riding a wave of heightened awareness that is guiding us more and more into awakened living. Love it! The ripples are growing into swells.... Hugs!


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