Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Mind Rules

This great quote by Hippocrates showing that our Mind Rules is my Quote to share with my Sunday Citar friends this week.

Men ought to know that from the brain,and from the brain only,arise our pleasures,joys,laughter and jests,as well as our sorrows,pains,grief and tears...

Our pleasures,
Our joys,
Our laughter
Our jests,
Our sorrows,
Our pains,
Our grief,
Our tears.

Everything is in our mind!
When we control our mind we control.....

Our actions,
Our reactions,
Our emotions,
Our results,
Our success.

Our Mind Rules!

My Mind Rules is a wonderful quote to remember and you can use a magnet or a mousepad from REFLECTIONS to remind and motivate you to success .


  1. Really good. It's all about attitude!

    Come over and see my Sunday Citar HERE.

  2. Our mind is such a powerful thing some times we take for granted.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. The best Sunday Citar I've seen so far today!

  4. We can do anything if we commit fully with our mind and heart. Terrific!

  5. Wonderfully stated!

  6. Isn't that amazing! It doesn't always seem like our mind has that much power!!


  7. so very true. It is all in the mind. :) have a great week.


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