Saturday, August 29, 2009

MeMe award from bunnysgirl

Thank you Beverly Baird for thinking of me to give the MeMe award.
Beverly Baird is a teacher and her blog-bunnysgirl is interesting and inspiring to read.

The rules of this award are twofold:

1. Share 7 tidbits about yourself.

2. Share this MeMe Blog Award with 7 blogger friends.

This award is to show a little more of us to our Blog Friends.

What to say of myself?

1.Actually it is only now I am opening up to talk about myself.I am a quiet person who takes time to talk about myself in the real world too!
2. I am happily married and have a son and daughter.
3.I like solving sudoku puzzles and brain teasers.
4.Coffee! The drink that perks me up every morning.
5.Ice creams !give me them any time and I will have them.
6.I love reading books,fiction and non-fiction,when I start reading time flies and I will even stay up to finish the book.
7.I love creating art on canvas.The satisfaction of working with paints is great.

Now to pass on the award.

I pass the award to my followers.I value all of them.
I would love to know more of all my followers and I would love anyone of them to pick it up and share titbits about themself.


  1. I love that I now know a few more pieces of you! Congrats on the MeMe award, well deserved, I say! Have a great weekend, Sema.

  2. Congratulations, Sema! Well deserved! Thank you for sharing about yourself! I love books, ice cream, sudoku and coffee too! xo diantha


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