Monday, August 17, 2009

Affirm-Mantra for this week-Seize The Day

"Seize The Day"

This is my affirm-mantra for this week.
I have been away from this blog for a week attending to personal work offline.
I am still out of town and am not able to design artworks.
I was upset that I may not be able to post this week's affirm-mantra when my magnet design @ REFLECTIONS came to my mind.

"Seize The Day"

I could use this as my affirm-mantra for this week.
It is a message filled with value and one to remember always.
I realised the value of time and the importance of this moment.
Only now is the reality and what we do with it charts the course of our day and also indirectly our life.

"Seize The Day"

We can choose to be happy or sad,busy or idle,stressed or calm,pleasant or rude .
Its all in our thoughts and actions.
So,lets seize the day!
Today is the best day in my life.
Repeat this everyday to make everyday a special day.
Our daily morning coffee in this cup with the quote should motivate us to seize the day !!!!

Lets begin to -"Seize The Day"


  1. I've missed you. I hope you are well. Am seizing the day! Thanks for reminding me!

  2. I love your magnet Sema!!


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