Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Citar-It's Party Time

It's sunday and another great day for us to share beautiful quotes at sunday citar.My quote for this week is

I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.
~Nancie J. Carmody

This is a great quote for this holiday season when we catch up with family and friends .I created the above card in photoshop to add to the feel of partying to this post..I think I'll add this card to my cards for potluck parties at PAPER TREASURES , my card store at greetingcarduniverse.I opened the store just a week back and the wishes from my wishcasting group this week has motivated me to do my best to make the store a success.


  1. It's not the holiday season where I am so I'm delighted to hear that it is in your corner of the world. So, now I want to hear about the holidays and the fun to which you look forward! If I can't come to your party because I am so far away, can I learn and be happy through you?

  2. Very nice indeed!!!!!!! Happy Sunday Citar!! ♥

  3. Hi holly,
    Your comment made me take note of the different festivals that is celabrated in India.
    The Indian festival season, starts from mid-july through December. This is when there is a fever of celebrations, with a string of important festivals following one another in a rush.
    The new moon day of this month , on july 21st, is celebrated as "Aadi Amavasai" which is to remember our ancestors by making special food and doing pujas.
    Adiperukku,on august 2nd ,is celebrated for paying respect and tribute to the life sustaining force of water. This festival also welcomes the onset of the much-awaited monsoon.Special food is prepared on this day and family and friends get together and pray for continual supply of water and a good harvest.
    Navarathri,in september, is the festival that celebrates the worship of Three Goddess, Durga (the god of power and strength), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) and Saraswati (the Goddess of knowledge and learning). The festival leads to spiritual growth of a person.
    Diwali,in october, is regarded as one of the most important festival of india.It is called the festival of light and is celebrated with the lighting of lamps and candles, and lots of fireworks. It is time to exchange gifts and sweets with friends, relatives and neighbors.Diwali is an occasion for cheerfulness and togetherness.
    Hope I have given you a new exposure to our culture.
    blessings for abundance,

  4. You have! And, I'll look forward to learning more from you as the festival days get closer for each month! Namaste' my dear friend!

  5. Oh I just love that quote! I too like to clean up after a party (as long as it's not too Being surrounded by good friends is a beautiful thing!

  6. That's a terrific quote. Happy times with friends is always worth the clean up. Thank you also for sharing some information about your holidays. Wonderful!

  7. that's a fantastic to throw parties and never thought of it that way! blessings...

  8. Great quote and I totally agree!


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