Monday, July 20, 2009

Affirm-mantra for this week-clear clutter for clarity.

Clutter drains your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength .
Clearing your clutter will dramatically improve your mood and energy.
Clutter acumlates slowly and grows to a big pile which we later put off tackling.
This saps our energy as the nagging thought that work has to be done makes us guilty.
Instead create workable plans to tackle the clutter.
Tiny steps taken everyday creates big changes.
As the clutter gets cleared so does your stress and you are on your way to clarity.

So,clear clutter for clarity.


  1. Sema, this one is so exilererating! And, I have a great way to tackle a huge clutter job. You go to the clutter with a timer. Set it for no more than 20 minutes. When the bell goes off, you walk away. Then you go back the next time and the next time. Soon, the clutter is tamed.

    It's my version of how to eat an elephant! One small bite at a time.

  2. Sema, this is great advice my friend!

  3. Clutter is one thing in my life that definitely saps my energy. Getting started is the hard part. I also set a timer and just jump in.

    Thank you for this reminder.

  4. Timers work very well indeed! Clutter is my nemesis so like Holly said, "one small bite at a time" and it makes it do-able! And it IS so sapping of energy! I adore color and just purchased 6 notebooks of various neon colors to place the cluttered stuff on my desk is working beautifully plus I have all these great colors around me! Now it is energizing! xo


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