Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Citar-Imagine

'Imagination is everything,It is the preview of life's coming attraction '
Albert Einstein

'Sunday Citar 'hosted by tabitha is a good platform to share and view great quotations and pictures every week.I have chosen this beautiful quote by Einstein to fire our imagination this week.I have given a spark to my imagination this week by joining RedBubble to show and sell my art.It is a step outside my comfort zone and i hope it is a preview of life's coming attraction! I would love to hear your feedbacks on it .


  1. Sema, I love all your art and this one is no different. This is something beautiful to hang on a wall.

    Happy Sunday♥

  2. Walk with confidence to the direction of your dreams, Sema...just walk.

  3. Awesome, the color just takes me in.

  4. That is a beautiful piece of art and such a true quote. Imagination fuels all the innovation and creativity that has ever blossomed in time.

  5. Oh, your art at Red Bubble is lovely, so imaginative! You are a living expression of the word itself. :-)

  6. Lovely! I tried to comment earlier, but my main computer will not let me comment on embedded boxes! Don't ask me why! It's frustrating! Anyway, your art lovely.

  7. This is wonderful... what a great quote for today!!



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