Friday, May 29, 2009

Power words-I for INTEREST and J for JOY

Words have power.

express emotions,
give confidence,
bring joy.


Take interest in yourself and in others to enjoy a fascinating life.

Take interest in your appearance-
first impression is the best impression.

Take interest in your fitness-
good health is the foundation for an active life.

Take interest in your  work-
you'll discover opportunity to show your talent.

Take interest in your relationships-
you will be admired and respected.

Take interest in your environment-
to enjoy the beauty and treasures that are around us.

Life is truly fascinating when you decide to take interest.

J for JOY

"There are no ordinary moments." 
- Dan Millman

Simple joys, the little gifts that life gives to us each and every day are around us every moment and all we need to do is be aware of them.An attitude of gratitude helps us appreciate life.

Here's the beginning of a neverending list of simple joys...

A cup of coffee,Eating  ice cream on a hot day,Dinner with family,Hearing a favorite song on the radio,Looking through the pictures of a travel magazine,decorating the house,A walk along the beach,A drive through the lush greens of the hills,Admiring some nice old architecture,....

Why don't you add a few to the list?


  1. Sema:
    You know I love all your work, but I have to say that today when I saw, "Joy" it made me smile so big! It's beautiful. Like you.

  2. I keep getting kicked out but I will try again.

    I love your blog and am crazy about the alphabet.

    Renee xoxo

  3. Sema, I am loving this series! I smile with each new set of uplifting words. :)

  4. Sema, I really love these power words -- and your insight into them. Each one gives some great food for thought. Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Thank you Holly,Renee,Tabitha and Lauren for your words of encouragement.They make me feel elated and motivates me to create better posts.


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