Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mandala Magic-calm yourself.

I am discovering the magic of drawing mandalas. 
The freestyle drawing of  the mandala helped me calm my mind today .
While drawing the mandala I started focusing on my work and all worries got converted to pleasant feelings as I filled the mandala with happy and bright colors . At the end of the session I was ready to tackle my responsibilities with a new enthusiasm.


  1. ah, the magic of mandala making.. welcome to Mandala Oasis.
    Nice Blog!
    Doreen :-)

  2. Sema..this is heavenly! The colors..the beautiful and soothing. It reminds me of batik fabric...of which I'd love to have a skirt made from (I used to sew and majored in clothing and textiles in high school). I've not sewn in years - one day I'll get back to it. Until then.. I'll live vicariously through you! IT must be fun to design fabrics!

  3. Ah you've experienced the gift of mandala making. I think this is why some make it a daily practice. Art making in general does this for me but there is something special about mandalas.


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