Sunday, April 12, 2009

Magic Mantra-I Enjoy The Process

My magic mantra for this week-

' I Enjoy The Process '

Though planning and acheiving the goal  is important ,it is even more important to enjoy the process . Only this moment is a reality and  when we enjoy the process we create beautiful memories to treasure long after the goal has been acheived.


  1. Sema,
    I agree totally... "the joy is in the journey" is the mantra my soul gave me a few years ago while out on a nature walk. Knowing this invites us to be present and receive the gifts of our life, "now" - the only time there is!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and inspriation! I'm so glad you've joined us at the Mandala Oasis!

  2. awesome!!! i love love love how you call it mantra magic... because it truly is!!!

    thank YOU!!!
    love to you!!!

  3. OH yes, I so agree....'the joy IS the journey'. Wonderful card, Sema!


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