Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 KEYS to become action-oriented.

Hay House, Inc.

My mantra for this week

"I am action-oriented "

Our actions speak for us.
Only when our thoughts are converted to actions can we acheive success.

Here are some keys to help us convert our thoughts to action.

1. Mind Dump Key -First,Note all your thoughts on a paper.
Then, look through the list and choose what you want to do.
Note the chosen thought separately on a new page and
make a list of tasks to acheive it.
Break each task into mini-tasks and make a checklist.

2.Just Do It key - Just start doing.
The power of starting creates a positive feeling.
This positive feedback creates a loop of
more actions-more results-more confidence
and soon you are on track to success.

3.Rewards keys -Plan rewards for yourself and
enjoy them after acheiving your target.
The rewards act as motivation to work efficiently and effectively.

These 3 keys can be applied to all areas of our lives
to open an exciting and joyous journey.

Inspiremethursday's prompt 'key ' made me think of
the keys to acheive my affirmation for this week.

Can you add some more keys to become action oriented?


  1. awesome mantra sema!!! such a great reminder to live through our actions... thank YOU!!!

    check out my mantra monday little mini giveaway post over at my bloggy blog!!!

    peace and love

  2. So creative and wise. Thanks, Sema!

  3. fantastic mantra card this week, sema! great pointers too ~ :)

  4. These keys are so..."key" for taking action! Thank you for sharing this!
    Your blog, rocks!


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