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Quotable Quotes - Positive Affirmation Quotes

The Positive Affirmation Quotes are expressions of wise people who knew the importance of affirming.They not only guide us on the why and how of affirmation but also the benefits of using them.
Here are a few quotable quotes to begin with...

" First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."
~ Epictetus ~

"Your mind believes what you tell it."
~ Paul J. Meyer ~

"It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen."
~ Claude M. Bristol ~

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An Article on Affirmations - How Can Affirmations Help You By Mankani Senthil
Affirmations - How Can Affirmations Help You?

Affirmations - Why use Affirmations?
Do you want to find a change in your health, wealth and success? Then using affirmations is the answer to your search. Affirmations motivate and inspire you to take action. They are filled with creative energy that gets converted to results when used with passion and conviction.

Affirmations - How Can Affirmations Help You?
Affirmations can help you improve your mind, body and soul and realize your dreams. They are positive statements that reprogram your mind and alter your life. Affirmations are filled with vibrations that activate our thoughts that in turn lead to actions that lead to events that alter our lives.

Improve your mind
Affirmations help you focus your mind by guiding it in the proper direction. They help you develop confidence and boost your self esteem which is the main ingredient for success in whatever you aim for.

Restore your health
Affirmations play an active role in restoring your health when you are sick, help you in losing weight and feeling great. They help you picture your perfect health with positive descriptive words.

Rejuvenate your soul
Affirmations help to energize your soul. They guide you to relax yourself to become more aware of your spirituality. What you focus on improves and when your soul is calm you can visualize your dreams with more clarity.

Celebrate your relationships
Affirmations will help you create loving relationships with your family and friends.You can also attract your ideal soul mate by defining your desires as affirmations.

Achieve your goals
Affirmations are auto suggestions that we can use to get what we desire. When we use them in the right manner with belief and passion our thinking pattern will be altered to attract the right circumstances, right people and take the right actions necessary for our success.

Visual Motivation for effective affirmations
We realize that affirmations are effective but in our busy lives often forget to take time to use them. Affirmation cards come to our help as visual motivators to make affirming easy.

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