Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's My Choice

It's my choice - these 3 words hold much value and is worth remembering when we need to take a decision!

It's My Choice to learn from my failures or blame for the failure
It's My Choice to move on or stay stuck in bad situation
It's My Choice to bear with pain or take action to feel better
It's My Choice to express my views or just keep quiet
It's My Choice to count my blessings or count my misfortunes

All our decisions and reactions are our choices and it is with our choices that we create our life.

Thanks to Holly for her post when does learning turn to failure? to inspire me to write this post and design the motivational magnet.


  1. Sema, my dear friend, this new badge is beautiful and I'm so happy I could inspire you with my post. You're art inspires me, so it's only fair!

  2. Stopping over from Holly's to say hello and to check out your magnet. It's beautiful.

    Holly is a really special woman who's wise words have helped me so much. Glad she inspired you too.

    Cheers, jj


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