Friday, September 10, 2010

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards - Affirmart card - 020

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards are affirmart cards with affirmation and art to motivate and inspire you everyday.They are self affirmation statements that will improve your attitude and energize your thoughts.

Today's Positive Affirmation is 'Good flows to me, good flows from me'

Do good to others and it will come back to you multiplied.

Blessings for abundance,


List Of Positive Affirmations

001 - I am successful in whatever I do
002 - I plan my work and work my plan
003 - I focus on what is truly essential
004 - I will make the most of new opportunities
005 - The universe provides for my every want and need
006 - I speak with confidence and calm assurance
007 - I make positive healthy choices
008 - I feel energetic and full of life
009 - I fill my mind with positive thoughts
010 - I feel the joy of abundance
011 - I organize my priorities with clarity
012 - I find all solutions within me
013 - I am in control of my reactions
014 - All is well in my life
015 - I appreciate every moment of the day
016 - Prosperity flows to me at all times, in all ways
017 - I have the power to change myself
018 - My body is filled with energy
019 - I feel wonderful and alive
020 - Good flows to me, good flows from me

I would be happy to hear your favorite affirmation and also create an affirmation card with it.

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  1. Dear Sema,
    Glad to see that you are still basking in creativity. I have been a bit absent from blogging, creating my own new project:
    on online course, Buddha Chick™.
    Thought you might want to know. It's pretty Chickie. :-)
    With love, Jan


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