Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Affirmart card - 022-Self Affirmation Statements - I choose....

Self Affirmation Statements are affirmations that shape your thoughts and by it your actions too!Repeating them with belief will improve your attitude and energize your thoughts.

Today's Positive Affirmation is
'I choose the right foods for my healthy wellbeing '

Food plays an important role in how you feel and my choice will be a healthy one.This positive affirmation will help to keep this in mind.

I have designed  The Daily Positive Affirmation Cards as affirmart cards with affirmation and art to motivate and inspire you everyday.Self Affirmation Statements beginning with' I choose ' makes the affirmation very personal and reminds you that the choice is in your hands.

Blessings for abundance,


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  1. Thank you... I needed this today! What a perfect affirmation for me to have for the day. I was ready for it :)


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