Monday, August 16, 2010

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards - Affirmart card - 001

Daily Positive Affirmation Cards are Affirmart cards with affirmation and art to motivate and inspire you everyday.

Affirmations are positive words that we repeat to attract the desired results.Affirmation Cards act as visual motivators and I thought of creating the Positive Affirmation Cards for quick motivation.

I have been busy with my design work that I have neglected blogging at affirmart.I was feeling bad about it when the idea of creating an affirmart card as my first design everyday to set the intention for my day and also share at my blog came to my mind.

Challenges spark my creativity and I have challenged myself to create 100 Positive Affirmation Cards hopefully in 100 days.I want to post Monday to Friday 5 per week and in 20 weeks when the new year begins there will be 100 inspirational affirmations at Affirmart.

I have participated in a '100 in 100' challenge,that was hosted by warrior girl, earlier at my art blog Expressive-Impressive .The experience was wonderful though I took more time to achieve the target.

The challenge to create 50 quality lenses to become a giant squid at Squidoo motivated me to reach the target  this June.

I designed Power Cards last year,here at Affirmart, with positive words beginning with the alphabet letters.It was an enriching experience and I wish to recreate the same for the Affirmart Affirmation Cards.

I hope Today's afirmation 'I am successful in whatever I do' sets the tone for my success in this challenge of creating 100 Positive Affirmation Cards .

All of us wish for success and setting an intention by affirming it will help us to take the right actions for it.

Blessings for abundance,


List Of Positive Affirmations

001-I am successful in whatever I do


I would be happy to hear your favorite affirmation and also create an affirmation card with it.

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