Thursday, February 4, 2010

Know The Benefits Of Meditating

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Know The Benefits Of Meditating is my latest lens to complete the set of 4 lenses on the 28 day meditation challenge at awake is good.In this lens I have compiled the insightful answers by great meditation teachers who were the experts to guide us to understand meditation.
The questions are...

1.Is there a difference between prayer and meditation?
2.What are the Three Quick Tips to become Calm?
3.Why do you do metta-lovingkindness meditation?
4.Can anyone do walking meditation?
5.How will Meditation change your life?

You can read more about it here >>>Know The Benefits Of Meditating

You may be interested in the other 3 lenses about meditation.

In the first lens I shared the Beautiful Principles I learnt in the first week.

Day 1 -- Just commit to sit down
Day 2 -- We connect with our breath
Day 3 -- Create a new relationship with your thoughts
Day 4 -- Focus your mind
Day 5 -- I am enough.
Day 6 -- Discipline.
Day 7 -- Connect with the Sacred within you.

You can read more about it here >>>Meditation-Challenge-Day-1-to-Day-7

The second lens is also filled with wise words and inspirations

Day 8 -- Be gentle with yourself
Day 9 -- Practice without judgment
Day 10 -- All you have to do is do it
Day 11 -- clarity brings with it the power of choice
Day 12 -- Make peace with discomfort
Day 13 -- Live and breathe mindfulness
Day 14 -- Stillness can be yours

You can read more about it here >>>meditation-challenge-week-2

The third lens is about 7 different ways to do meditation.

1.The Pause Practice
2.Chakra Meditation
3.Tonglen Practice
4.Metta Meditation
5.Creativity as Meditation
6.Dance Your Way into Meditation
7.A Jewish Meditation Practice

You can read more about it here >>>7-Different-ways-to-do-your-Meditations

I Hope I have helped you get to Know The Benefits Of Meditating! through my squidoo lenses.Thank you Jan for for guiding us through a great experience.


  1. Sema,
    Thank you once again for featuring the Challenge and our "work" over the last month to sit with ourselves, to find some equanimity and peace of body-mind-heart. I thank you for being faithful to it. And I do hope you found new awarenesses that will carry you through all the days of your life. May peace be yours! Bless your heart, my friend, you are so dear....

  2. You continue to uplift me Sema and I am always grateful.

    LOve Renee xoxoxo

  3. I like "make peace with discomfort." Too many people cause their own suffering by trying to push away uncomfortable feelings.


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