Sunday, August 2, 2009

Motivart Cards

Yesterday,I had my first sale at, Reflections-my store @ zazzle.It was a mug with the quote-

'Nothing is Impossible,Anything is Possible'.

It was a very happy moment reading the e-mail.
I found an interesting topic on the zazzle forum about different uses for profile cards.You can use it as inspiration cards,motivation cards,affirmation cards,bookmarks,save the date cards,ATC cards,etc besides as profile cards and busines cards.I found the concept interesting.The format size was also perfect.I immediately tried 2 cards with the quotes I had uploaded earlier.I plan to make cards with more designs and exclusively as Motivart cards.
I would love to hear feedback on this.If such cards will sell and what topics will be popular to create cards on?Thank you in advance.


  1. A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, that size seems like A.T.Cs Those fabulous small pieces of art that stampers like to mkae and trade with each other. Artist Trading Cards...I like the idea...

    Next, if I were still in management...I would love something small like this to leave on one of my employee's desks to thank them for doing something or to applaude them when they've done a great job.

    So, I would buy them because they are different and small and artist. Hope that helps!

  2. Great quote and idea! Congratulations on your sale!

  3. I agree with Holly....I think it is a great idea! I usually stick a card in with all the orders I send out for my own products and its just a nice extra to put into their package. People love it. So it you do it, I'll be your customer! xo


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