Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Affirm mantra for this week-Dream big

Hay House, Inc.

I had been on a long weekend visiting family and could not create my affirm mantra yesterday.As I was looking through the designs I created and uploaded in my zazzle store last week 2 stood out as messages to me.

Dream Big,If you can dream it,you can acheive it
100%genius is 1% inspiration + 99% perspiration.

Dream big is looming large in my mind now as having started on my creative journey of designing for selling online I wish to make it a success.This involves a lot of perspiration,like reading,analysing and adapting new information about promoting your works.It is not enough if we have good designs we have to make it visible.
I came across a new way to reach out to people by creating a squidoo lens-affirm-easy on our products our views,etc.I have created my first lens at squidoo about 3 affirmations to motivate us.

Nothing is impossible,Anything is Possible.

DreamBig,If you can dream it,you can acheive it

1% inspiration+99%perspiration=100%genius.

I would be happy to hear the feedback on my lens -affirm-easy from all of you and would be thankful for any help from anyone who has done lenses.


  1. I wish you great success in your endeavor Sema.

  2. Sema, loved your lens AND your Zazzle store! You are doing a great job! xo

  3. Me too. I hope this new creative venture meets all your expectations, and then some. You have so much good and inspiration to offer the world!


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