Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mandala Mantra-An Attitude Of Gratitude

'I have an attitude of gratitude
for everything and everyone in my life'.

An attitude of gratitude helps you develop an appreciation for your life,relationships, and never take anything for granted.
An attitude of gratitude helps you focus on your blessings and what you focus on expands and you are showered with more blessings.
An attitude of gratitude helps you enjoy the beauty of everyday living.

My choice of this week's mandala mantra came to my mind when i saw the kreativ blogger award given by pamela of A touch of inspiration.Thank you pamela,I'm honored you thought of me!I feel happy to be part of this wonderful blogging community which supports and nurtures each other without meeting each other and bonding above the various differences of country and culture .

With The kreativ blogger award I am asked to tell you about 7 of my favorite things and pass on the award to 7 creaative bloggers.

1.A cup of freahly brewed coffee to start the day enthusiastically.
2.Reading a good book,taking me to the wonderful world of imagination and fantasy.
3.Blogging, my favorite pastime now which has introduced me to beautiful people whose writings have made me grow as a person and given me new perspectives.
4.Listening to old melodies, to take you back in time to wonderful memories.
5.participating in art challenges online, which helps to improve my skills in photoshop and corel-paint.
6.Painting,the feel of brush and paint on canvas is a meditative process.
7.Watching comedies on television with the family ,listening to their happy laughter echo around you.

I am happy to honor the following creative blogeers with the award-

3.Saundra of Art For Life

4.Jan of Awake is Good

6.Tabitha of I choose bliss

7.Genie sea of Reality-insanity

Each of you are filled with creativity and positive vibrations to inspire those who visit your blog.
thank you!

Sue ,you inspired me to create this digital mandala.I read the post with link to earthmandalas to start experimenting in digital mandalas from images. Earlier I used to Just draw the designs with the brush tool.Thank you!


  1. Congratulations Sema!! I loved your list - especially the coffee - yup me too & a good book. Love the Mandala one - so pretty and meaningful!! You deserve them both!!!

  2. Sema,
    Congratulations to you, dear creative heart! I'm honored to receive this lovely award and challenge from you. Like you, the morning coffee is one of my basic and most beloved pleasures. How nice to sip away and read your blog. Hope your day is creatively blessed!

  3. I'm so deeply grateful Sema!
    Thank you so very much!

  4. Hi Sema,
    Congrats on the award - perfect for you! And thanks for passing it to me! I almost didn't see your comment - guess I should check comments on older posts more often:) Thanks again - it may take me a few days to post it - but not because I don't greatly appreciate it!

  5. Sema, Thank you so much for the kreative blogger award! I apologize for taking a bit to get back to you, but I was having computer difficulties. I'm back on line, so will be passing that award along very soon! Thank you!

  6. Sema,
    I've posted the award you granted me and will address your questions in the next post. Thanks again for these great opportunity. Blessings!

  7. Thank you so much for this honor Sema! I am posting it today :)


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