Saturday, May 16, 2009

from my digi sketchbook...

I just did a digi painting in twistedbrush program and thought I'll share it in my blog.I like painting but it is quite sometime since i did one.This program gave the feel of painting on canvas  with the brush strokes effects.I thoroughly enjoyed doing the painting.I painted from imagination.The scenary was still fresh in my mind from my last week travel by road to my sister-in-law's town down south.


  1. This is lovely Sema. :)

  2. hi sema,which software are u using,its beautiful, u live in chennai ??,the power words are very nice, awesome idea,
    & hope ur hols were fantastic,

  3. thank you tabitha and anusha !
    anusha,i painted the above painting in twistedbrush,a free software you can download.
    I also use photoshop or corel-photo-paint to create my digital artworks.I live in tirupur.

  4. Oh! I like that! You painted atmosphere and achieved depth. I just downloaded Twisted brush, suggested by a Painter Master Marilyn Sholin, but haven't used it yet. I do love my Corel Painter though.

    Painting this way is therapeutic! :)


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