Sunday, March 29, 2009

I remain centered,balanced and full of energy.

My mantra card  for this week...

I remain centered.balanced and full of energy.

Home and Work throws at you different problems and 
opportunities throughout the day.
The way to acheive success in whatever you do is to 
be centered,balanced and full of energy.
I plan to remember my mantra to help me 
sail through the week with joy and happiness.
I have created a mandala design
 from my textile design as an affirmation card.
soul journal has wonderful mandalas to inspire.


  1. This is a gorgeous mandala. I think we could all use your card in our pockets this week. Finding balanace is a challenge that we all face.

    I'm excited to see how many people signed up for the mandala affirmation card swap. We will have a really great collection of mandala art cards!

    Thanks for playing!
    {soul hugs}

  2. You did a wonderful job!! I love it!

  3. A wonderful mantra for this week, Sema! :)

  4. beautiful. i love this one!

  5. Such a beautiful and inspiring blog!

  6. I love your art work, Sema. And your affirmations! (I scrolled down a while and came back up here to speak.)

    What you look for you will begin to work for and you will see. :)

    I just read yesterday to take stock of our high energy times in the day. It's as important an asset to us as is time itself. Mine begins in the early morning hours, continues until mid-afternoon. So that's when I do my high-energy tasks, including mental. I draw later in the day to recoup. And just combining my knowledge of me with my work has helped me maintain those energy levels.

    I'll be back for your wise snippets and your beautiful art.

  7. Beautiful mandala! I love the organic design and how the colours breathe into the center. So lovely.

  8. what a fantastic mandala and mantra - thanks for sharing!


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